We hire out and sell an exciting range of unique interactive games, children’s attractions, and digital solutions for events, exhibitions, and everyday use.

With iSandBOX you can create a complete theme park with multiple play areas/activities or a free-standing interactive zone. These can be placed in a shopping centre, game room, café, or added to an existing theme park, and we can transport to different venues across the UK and Europe. We have a wide range of attractions to suit different themes and engage everyone of all ages!

If you’re looking for ways to attract a wider audience, add excitement to your space, or bring a one-of-a-kind feature to an event or exhibit, we have a variety of products and software that can match your needs.


We currently have 4 different models of the iSandBOX available, each one fulfilling the varying requirements of our clients, from large group projects to smaller one-on-one interactions. Each iSandBOX comes as a whole package deal, including all the hardware required to run it – permanent Wi-Fi isn’t required to run the iSandBOX. All our equipment is CE certified and complies with all European standards.

The iSandBOX comes with a full 12-month warranty, technical support, and software updates. We offer installation services for each unit, or they can be supplied as a flat pack option with manuals for easy installation. We’re determined to make sure each iSandBOX reaches its full potential with you, which is why we offer an initial training session on the day of installation.
We aim to be as flexible as possible with payments and can offer leasing or financing to help funding for the product.

With over 29 different digital modes available across all the units, our range of iSandBOX units covers a wide scope of settings and expectations, from educational group projects to showcasing brands at small exhibitions.


Lü provide immersive and stimulating learning environments through giant interactive projections, with sound and light effects. Featuring an extensive portfolio of 40+ engaging educational activities that will get all participants active, curious and excited about learning!
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Touch Board

iSandBOX provides innovative multi-touch solutions with interactive screens inbuilt to tables and large screens that can be placed on tables, floors or wall-mounted for a more versatile option.
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Touch Table

The Touch Table is the ideal tool to keep groups of children engaged, stimulated, and challenged with digital programs, and promotes inclusive play and exciting learning for kids.
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Interactive Floor

Our Interactive Floor is a fantastic way to keep everyone entertained whilst adding colour and fun to your space. The Interactive Floor motivates everyone to move whilst thinking fast, so you’ll have fun from your head to your toes!
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School Assistant

School Assistant is a versatile 2-in-1 solution for education and healthcare environments, designed to enhance classroom activities with interactive content to aid the learning process and improve student motivation.
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MODI is an innovative product that transforms how children learn to code by providing the building blocks of a robot in the form of modules.
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iSandBOX is highly regarded in the education sector, with solutions set up in many nurseries, pre-schools, psychology and therapy centres, and science museums. Ideal as an educational tool, our augmented reality products are fantastic for fun and interactive lessons. iSandBOX solutions can be used to reproduce natural environments where kids can manipulate landscapes, change sea levels, and observe different natural phenomena, such as volcanoes or ice ages. Our sandboxes can improve motor development, vision perception, teamwork, communication skills, tactile sense, memory, and imagination. Fun, easy, and very effective education tools for kids of all ages.

AR technology is becoming more common in a range of businesses and organisations with its innovative entertainment possibilities, where adults and kids alike can enjoy immersive, high-tech activities. iSandBOX stands out in the AR tech world with its featured sandbox sensory therapy that involves screen-free fun, offering a more harmless approach to entertainment. iSandBOX features over 29 interactive modes that will entertain kids and adults of all ages and our team are constantly developing new and custom programs for clients. iSandBOX’s solutions can be easily adapted with a coin/bill acceptor or swiper to become a ‘vending machine’ tool, which allows amusement parks and indoor play centres to increase their revenue.

iSandBOX is a phenomenal tool for exhibitions and presentations thanks to its visibility and simplicity. Build captivating landscapes to showcase different natural phenomena, geology scenarios, and interactive entertainment to make your exhibits a must-see point for the audience. Perfect as a marketing tool with its colourful and extraordinary designs, iSandBOX also offers a drawing mode allowing clients to create bright diagrams or other graphical representations of any data, for an interesting and inventive twist on your marketing strategy. Our range of solutions can engage audiences in a variety of ways – choose the solution that works best for your requirements.

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