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iSandBOX was first launched in 2013 and has since become one of the most popular suppliers for interactive and augmented reality technology, particularly in the Education and Leisure sectors.

With over 3,000 units sold worldwide, you can find an iSandBOX solution in over 200 cities in over 40 countries!

iSandBOX provides innovative and exciting ways to educate and entertain children and adults in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world. iSandBOX’s revolutionary solutions utilises augmented reality to create out of this world teaching aides that provide interactive and sensory fun! iSandBOX delivers a whole new experience guaranteed to push the boundaries of creativity and fun.

Our unique interactive software makes it possible to create beautiful, colourful, and exciting scenarios and landscapes that look just like the real thing! With a whole host of games and applications, you can have fun creating rivers, mountains, and even a lava-spewing volcano in our sandboxes or play fast-paced and immersive games with your teammates!

Our software features 29 fantastic different modes and we are constantly developing new, immersive content that will keep everyone entertained and educated!

iSandBOX offers a fun and exciting delivery of educational materials. Studies have proven that new information is retained better when it is associated with a positive experience.

iSandBOX solutions have been used in a variety of educational settings, such as pre-school education, special needs education, therapy, and creative training. Our solutions are also utilised within the Leisure industry and for Business events and exhibitions, as well as private clients.

iSandBOX offers variety for audiences with 29 unique pre-installed scenarios. Each game has a different learning experience including volcanoes, rivers, mountains, oceans, dinosaurs, safari, Ice Age, war games, colours, numbers, and much more.

Augmented Reality helps iSandBOX offer innovative education methods that improve children’s development, stimulate creativity and imagination, and encourage social skills.

Flexibility and a multitude of game modes make every iSandBOX solution a universal tool for education, training, and group activities. iSandBOX solutions have also been successfully used in special needs education.

We care about the planet. Our iSandBOX solutions are made from harmless, recyclable, and non-toxic materials.


iSandBOX proudly offers a range of highly engaging products that use Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create one-of-a-kind experiences, for all ages and scenarios. We mix innovative AR technology and high-resolution projectors with interactive sandboxes and surfaces to create fully immersive worlds that everyone can enjoy. iSandBOX provides exciting, new learning tools that can open a world of possibilities where audiences can develop their knowledge and senses through music, texture and sound in a highly entertaining way.

iSandBOX creates unique environments where entertainment, engagement, activity and learning fuse into one amazing experience. iSandBOX has been celebrated for how quickly students and audiences become involved with our engaging, interactive solutions. iSandBOX helps children learn about colours, numbers, and helps them explore their full creativity. Children find iSandBOX and its games entertaining and exciting, giving kids the chance to learn and play at the same time – iSandBOX isn’t just educational, it’s incredibly fun!

From our highly acclaimed interactive sandboxes to incredible interactive floors, to inspiring cooperative screens, iSandBOX lets lava flow, oceans swirl, grass grow and bubbles blow!


iSandBOX uses AR technology to take traditional sandpits and interactive surfaces to magical new proportions. Our unique interactive software, projectors, and depth measuring sensors work together to transform our solutions in a variety of ways. Our software can transform ordinary sandpits into realistic 3D structures of mountains, volcanoes, icy landscapes, running water, and many other objects.

Our AR software and sensors can also be combined with interactive surfaces, such as screens and floors, to provide interactive entertainment that develops key motor skills, cognitive learning, and collaborative social skills.

Our iSandBOX solutions are coupled with beautiful music, the sounds of nature, and unique graphics to give a fully immersive experience. Children can use their imagination to their full potential and develop team building and communication skills across our range of interactive solutions.


Regardless of age or individual stages of development, iSandBOX offers nurturing and enticing environments where children and adults can experiment through sensory play.

A combination of physical senses and imaginative minds, our sandboxes aid in the mental development and growth of children, encouraging interaction in children with the simple yet versatile method of sand play. Our sandboxes provide a platform for the application of maths and sciences, a stage for self-expression, and helps nurture the imagination to its full potential. Playing with sand can help kids to:

  • Create various sculptures together with other children, such as lakes and mountains
  • Discover different land and water objects by feeling, shaping, and digging the sand
  • Develop fine motor skills and strengthen their muscles as they move the sand around
  • Encourage creativity and imagination through a wide range of interactive modes
  • Improve hand-eye coordination

Our interactive sandboxes are valuable and effective in enhancing each child’s instinctive sense of creativity and imagination.

iSandBOX’s Augmented Reality technology helps stretch a teacher’s ability to design exceptional learning environments for children. Educators use our interactive tools to enable students to express their ideas and to foster rich language use. In response to children’s evolving ideas and interests, teachers can anticipate and extend their learning by encouraging feedback and dialogue about the experience, challenging their thinking, and ultimately guiding their knowledge and skills to new heights. With iSandBOX, students of all ages have access to an incredible number of new opportunities, helping children to become better problem solvers and develop practical thinking.

iSandBOX’s solutions can open up worlds of possibilities to a range of different settings and industries, promoting educational learning, social skills, and coordination and motor skills. iSandBOX offers a unique approach to the everyday, giving clients the opportunity to bring an exciting element to their teaching, entertainment, or business needs, with affordable and long-lasting results.

Our Awards

iSandBOX scoop LUXlife Magazine Family & Visitor Attraction Award

LUXlife magazine has announced iSandBOX as
the winners of the Best Events AV Systems
Installation Company at the 2019 Family & Visitor Attraction Awards.

iSandbox WON GOLD Nursery World Awards

We are thrilled that #iSandBOX WON GOLD
this year in the category New Equipment &
Resources. Thank you to all our team and
supporters for making this happen. Great effort.

iSandBox was selected as the winner in the Special Education Resource or Equipment category at the ERA Awards 2020!

Our team is grateful to have been named the winner of the ‘Special Education Resource or Equipment’ category. We intend to continue to develop and adapt the iSandbox to its maximum potential so that its benefits can be enjoyed by all.

We currently have 5 different models of the iSandBOX available, each one fulfilling the varying requirements of our clients, from large group projects to smaller one-on-one interactions. Each iSandBOX comes as a whole package deal, including all the hardware required to run it – permanent Wi-Fi isn’t required to run the iSandBOX. All our equipment is CE certified and complies with all European standards.

The iSandBOX comes with a full 12-month warranty, technical support, and software updates. We offer installation services for each unit, or they can be supplied as a flat pack option with manuals for easy installation. We’re determined to make sure each iSandBOX reaches its full potential with you, which is why we offer an initial training session on the day of installation.

We aim to be as flexible as possible with payments and can offer leasing or financing to help funding for the product.
With over 29 different digital modes available across all the units, our range of iSandBOX units covers a wide scope of settings and expectations, from educational group projects to showcasing brands at small exhibitions.

iSandBOX Standard

Our largest model is the iSandBOX Standard, a ready-to-use piece of equipment ideal for larger groups of children. The ideal option to fit in large display rooms, the perfect tool for schools, science centres, museums, and attraction shows. Fully operational by Android tablet.
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iSandBOX Mini

Slightly smaller than the Standard, the iSandBOX Mini is ideal for smaller groups of up to 6 children. Optional wheels available for easy manoeuvrability within a room or building, the perfect tool for nurseries and preschools. Fully operational by Android tablet.
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iSandBOX Small

A compact, all-in-one unit, the iSandBOX Small model is easily portable, with quick and simple set up. Ideal for small rooms, limited spaces, small exhibitions and 1-day events, this is perfect for 3-4 children to play simultaneously. Operational via an Android tablet only.
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iSandBOX Lite

The most budget friendly and flexible option, the iSandBOX Lite fits perfectly into small or large rooms. The size of the sandbox reservoir could be adapted as per requirement. Can be fixed to walls or ceilings. Operational via an Android tablet only.
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iSandBOX Adjustable

Developed specifically for wheelchair users and people with additional needs, the iSandBOX Adjustable features safe padding and a function that enables the sandbox to be raised or lowered to your needs.
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