iSandBOX have collaborated with LUXROBO and their fascinating MODI products for an extraordinary experience. MODI is an innovative product that transforms how children learn to code by providing the building blocks of a robot in the form of modules. Once built, the robot can be made to interactively move using the MODI Play and Code Sketch programmes. 


MODI is designed to be easy to use for all ages and skill levels – you don’t have to have any special knowledge of computer programming languages to learn these coding skills. The modules can be easily connected in any direction and order and then easily disconnected, giving users the chance to design their own creations.

MODI Modules

The MODI kit is made up of a variety of Modules that play different roles in the coding programming, with INPUT, OUTPUT and SETUP Modules. MODI also provides a variety of different accessories for users to help unleash their creativity and build cool MODI robots, including cables, wheels, and tape to add artistic features.



The INPUT Modules measure a variety of information and turn it into values – there are several INPUT variations to suit your experimental coding needs.


  • Button Module – Detects the button status
  • Dial Module – Detects dial status and values
  • Infrared Module – Measures the quantity of infrared rays reflected back to the module
  • Mic Module – Detects ambient sound
  • Environment Module – Detects ambient temperature, humidity, and light
  • Gyroscope Module – Detects changes in the X, Y and Z axes
  • Ultrasonic Module – Measures distance


The OUTPUT Modules operate according to input values or commands – there are several OUTPUT variations to suit your experimental coding needs.


  • LED Module – Displays various light colours
  • Speaker Module – Produces various sounds
  • Motor Controller Module – Moves at the set angle, speed, or torque
  • Motor Module – Moves at the set angle, speed, or torque
  • Display Module – Displays text or images on the screen


The SETUP Modules help the INPUT and OUTPUT Modules operate – there are several SETUP variations to suit your experimental coding needs.


  • Network Module – Communicates in various ways
  • Battery Module Type A – Supplies power to modules
  • Battery Module Type B – Supplies power to modules

Coding Modes

MODI is so innovative it doesn’t even need to be plugged into the coding programming to start teaching – simply connect the MODI modules to each other, connect to a power supply, and learn the basic principles of input, output, and setup coding, whilst discovering the hidden features of each MODI Module. You can also enable wireless connection of modules that are far apart by using two Network Modules – run your coding and watch your creation come to life!

MODI features an exclusive Application which allows you to enjoy more diverse and fun activities using coding. The different software available enables you to learn the ins and outs of coding in a variety of ways.


MODI Studio

Exclusively designed for MODI Modules by LUXROBO, MODI Studio lets you experience block coding using drag-and-drop style coding, with a fascinating feature that converts block coding into computer programming languages. Available on Windows or Mac OS for PC and Android or iOS from the App Store.

Code Sketch

Code Sketch is a more creative coding application that allows you to follow the Code Sketch learning flow and use your full imagination without the need of a guide. Code Sketch’s development is based on the world’s most widely used programming language in coding language, Scratch. Available on Android or iOS from the App Store.



For a more interactive coding experience, the MODI Play application allows you to remotely control your coding creation with devices such as tablets and smartphones. By using the remote input and output features, you can utilise a variety of options such as buttons, joysticks, and cameras to control the Module robot and enhance your learning and fun. Available on Android or iOS from the App Store.

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