About iSandBOX

iSandBOX was first launched in 2013 and has since become very popular for use in both education and leisure.

With over 2200 units sold worldwide you can now find an iSandBOX in over 120 cities in over 40 countries!  That’s well over 310 tones of sand used!

The iSandBOX is a new way to educate and entertain children in today’s world of high tech. An interactive sandbox is a revolutionary piece of equipment which uses augmented reality to create an intriguing, out of this world teaching aide. The iSandBOX delivers a whole new experience – pushing the boundaries of creativity and fun. Our unique interactive software makes it possible to build beautiful, colourful landscapes which look just like the real thing! A vast number of games and applications means you can have fun building rivers, mountains and even a lava-spewing volcano! And that’s just the beginning…

Our software consists of 29 different modes and we are constantly developing new innovative content.



iSandbox for Education

AR sandbox is well-regarded by many kids nurseries, pre schools, psychology and therapy centers and science museums. As an educational tool augmented reality sandbox is great for fun and interactive lessons. iSandBOX can reproduce natural environment where kids can build landscapes, rivers, change sea level and observe different natural phenomena. Sand improves motor development, team work, communication skills, vision perception, tactile sense, memory, teamwork and imagination. It is fun, easy and very effective for education of kids any age.

iSandbox for business

For entertainment activities augmented reality is a more usual term: there are a lot of gaming equipment powered by AR technology. In comparison with others, iSandBOX is based on sandplay therapy and is harmless for health as it is screen free. Moreover, it has 19 interactive modes that entertain children of all ages. iSandBOX can be easily transformed into a vending machine by adding a coin/bill acceptor or a swiper that allows amusement parks and indoor play centers to increase the revenue.

iSandbox for exhibitions and presentation

iSandBOX is a phenomenal tool for presentations because of its visibility and simplicity. Build landscapes to demonstrate different natural phenomena, geology and seismology objects and effects, topography features and make your exhibits interesting for the audience. For marketing it can be used as a colorful and extraordinary tool - use the drawing mode to create bright diagrams or other graphical representations of any data.