iSandBOX Small

A compact, all-in-one unit, the iSandBOX Small model is easily portable, with quick and simple set up. Ideal for small rooms, limited spaces, small exhibitions and 1-day events, this is perfect for 3-4 children to play simultaneously. Operational via an Android tablet only.

107L x 91W x 187H cm
85 kgs
Max 140 kg
Projector · Depth sensor control display · PC · Tablet

Our smallest, all-in-one unit model is the iSandBOX Small, a compact unit with the full capability of our other models. Fitted with castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability, its smaller size compared to the iSandBOX Standard and Mini means high ceilings aren’t required and it can fit smoothly through most doorways without having to be disassembled. The iSandBOX Small is perfect for small groups of 3-4 children or one-on-one interactions and is the top choice for small exhibitions and 1-day events to showcase brands. An Android tablet is also supplied for operating our full range of content.

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