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Will iSandBOX take over from ‘The Pooing Sheep’?

Earlier this week, we were delighted to hear that iSandBOX has been a hit at Aberdeen Science Centre. The interactive sandbox, which uses Augmented Reality to ‘bring sand to life’ and creates a magical experience for children, has been a “star attraction”. According to Grant Peterkin of Aberdeen Science Centre, iSandBOX has been so popular that their ‘Pooing Sheep’ is under threat of losing its ‘top attraction’ status!

Speaking at our Showcase event, Grant said:
“iSandBOX has been our star attraction since it came to Aberdeen Science Centre a couple of weeks ago.  It may even take over from our ‘Pooing Sheep’, which has always been a good pull for our visitors.”

So the big question is:  Will iSandBOX take over from the ‘Pooing Sheep’?  We sure hope so, but they are both great exhibits!

Why not head down to Aberdeen Science Centre to see iSandBOX and ‘The Pooing Sheep’, along with all the other attractions. Starting tomorrow is a Robot Exhibition, which will be on until 28th August – definitely worth a visit!  For more information visit: