iSandBOX: 10 Great Benefits

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iSandBOX is not just about FUN, it’s about LEARNING in a FUN ENVIRONMENT and giving CHILDREN a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE to TREASURE FOREVER.  There’s more to iSandBOX than meets the eye.  Below, we’ve put together a list of ‘10 Great Benefits’ that iSandBOX brings to children aged 3-7 using Augmented Technology and a sand box.

iSandBOX:  10 Great Benefits

  1. Enhances Communication Skills
    SandBOX comes with fun games for learning that encourage interaction and teamwork, which can help with communication skills and speech development.
  2. Introduces Children to Geology and Architecture
    Through iSandBOX games, children can build different objects using sand, such as houses, cities and volcanoes.
  3. Improves Cognitive Development
    The games are cleverly designed to produce animations of abstract symbols, such as letters, figures, geometrical figures, which can help with speech development, attention, observation, imagination and memory.
  4. Improves Confidence
    Children’s confidence improves through their ability to express freely with iSandBOX and use their imagination.
  5. Reduces Stress
    With light physical activity combined with sand, children experience a therapeutic environment to enjoy and one that they can think freely in, which helps reduce emotional and muscular stress.
  6. Helps Hand-eye Co-ordination and improves Dexterity
    iSandBOX lets children build different shapes and characters with sand, which improves manual dexterity.  Augmented Reality further improves this by holding their attention with the different images it projects.
  7. Encourages Creative Thinking
    Children can create fairytale characters and explore different situations, which help to stimulate their imagination.
  8. Introduces Children to New Technology
    iSandBOX introduces children to Augmented Reality and its simple instructions make it easy for them to use and embrace.
  9. Helps Children embrace New Experiences
    iSandBOX introduces a new world to children that they create themselves by shaping it, building it and destroying it.  This can create a desire to experiment and embrace ‘all things new’.
  10. Creates Memories for Children
    iSandBOX creates a magical experience that it is hoped children will treasure forever.  Its unique interactive games and colours help to hold the attention and make learning fun. For more information on iSandBOX and its benefits, please contact Sally Mackinnon at

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