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Introducing iSandBOX...

iSandBOX is a revolutionary ‘interactive sandbox’.  Using augmented reality, the unit is used to stimulate creativity and develop imagination in children. With the help of iSandBOX, conventional sand comes to life, giving children the chance to learn about the Earth, geology and history.  iSandBOX also helps children learn about colours and numbers and how to draw and explore their surroundings.

Children find iSandBOX and its games entertaining and exciting.  They learn and play at the same time, which makes iSandBOX not only educational, but also fun!


Fun and exciting delivery of educational materials. Studies have proven that new information is retained better when it is associated with a positive experience.


iSandBOX has been used in a number of educational settings, such as pre-school education, therapy and creative training. Similar tools are used in construction for terrain simulation.


Offers variety for children with 12 unique pre-installed games.  Each game has a different learning experience covering volcanos, the ice age, war games, colour, numbers and much more.


Augmented reality makes iSandBOX an innovative education method that improves children’s development, stimulates creativity and imagination.


Flexibility and a multitude of game modes make iSandBOX one of the most universal tools for education, training and group activities. It has also been successfully used in therapy.


We care about the planet. iSandBOX is made from harmless, recyclable, and non-toxic materials.

If this sounds interesting, please register your interest and we’ll give you a call to let you know why augmented reality in education is such a big deal.